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ALIA CRR late 2017 - early 2018[edit | edit source]

Foundation supporters were recruited by Judy Hutchinson, Helen Roberts and Kym Holden to fulfil ALIA's requirement that a new Special Interest Group needs the support of 25 financial members (personal or institutional) prior to approval to launch. Finding 25 financial members proved to be quite difficult. Some library staff let their personal membership of ALIA lapse when they retired, or, in fact, had never been personal financial members and had relied on their institutional membership to participate in ALIA activities during their working lives. This was also the case with some library people still in the workforce. In the end, a list of 26 members was compiled.

Foundation supporters:

  1. Judy Hutchinson
  2. Helen Roberts
  3. Kym Holden
  4. Joye Volker
  5. Judy Brooker
  6. Maxine Rochester
  7. Gaik Khong
  8. Jennefer Nicholson
  9. Roxanne Missingham
  10. Karna O'Dea
  11. Aileen Weir
  12. Grisoula Giopoulos
  13. Vanessa Little
  14. Sherrey Quinn
  15. Ian MacCallum
  16. Andrew Shiells
  17. Legislative Assembly, ACT (Jan Bordoni)
  18. Liz Luchetti
  19. Andrew Bennett
  20. Roslynn Membrey
  21. Defence Library and Information Service (Darien Smith)
  22. Elizabeth Clary
  23. Kirrin Sampson
  24. Marisa Vearing
  25. Nola Adcock
  26. Marie Sexton